(Postponed) Remote Control

Radosław Liweń and James Sinfield
Fri 22 Jan 2021   -  Sun 21 Mar 2021
Radosław Liweń, Unidentified Flying Structure 3, 2020

James Sinfield, 2020
_ Venue: War Memorial Library

Remote Control is a collaborative exhibition between two Edinburgh-based painters. Sharing a studio throughout lockdown, James Sinfield and Radosław Liweń used radically different approaches to explore the absurdity and beauty of a world that we have twisted to suit our needs and desires. Radosław’s use of clean lines and clear blue backgrounds create a seemingly simple world; closer inspection reveals a tension and poise of intricate and delicate construction; closer again reveals the uncanny. James is inspired by psychogeography and an attempt to make sense of post-industrial Edgelands, those spaces that sit on boundaries between country and town. Layers of paint applied and removed reveal layers – the process echoing the repeated erasure and construction of the Edgelands themselves. Both James’ and Radosław’s work deals with the aloneness of occupied space and what it is to live in a world of late capitalism.