From One Grows Another

Jamie King
Fri 14 Jun 2024   -  Fri 21 Jun 2024
Wed - Sun (11am - 5pm)
_ Venue: Sciennes Gallery

Jamie King is an Edinburgh based artist working in both painting and sculpture. He holds a studio at Summerhall and regularly makes work at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. Previous works, entitled Assemble II and Assemble III, have been exhibited as part of Out of Sight Out of Mind in 2022 and 2023 and are now exhibited on a permanent basis at Summerhall.

In this exhibition, King shows his most recent work ‘From One Grows Another’, a cast bronze sculpture, through which he explores themes of birth, life and death. The circle of life.

Jamie has had the diagnosis of schizophrenia since his late teenage years. It is a condition that can be difficult to cope with even in his middle age, but having the opportunity to make sculpture and paint lends itself to a form of sanity.