In Parting Glass

In Parting Glass

Riccardo Buscarini and Richard Taylor
Sat 12 Dec 2015 - Mon 09 Mar 2015
11:00 - 18:00
_ Venue: Laboratory Gallery

Choreographer Riccardo Buscarini and visual artist Richard Taylor work together for the first time, transforming the glass cabinets in Summerhall’s Laboratory Gallery into living archives to explore memory, intimacy and exposure. Paired by curator Holly Knox Yeoman, the duo use a magpie approach to draw from their personal experiences and cultural identities to mix ready-made objects, sculpture and sound to partner live and recorded performances.

Buscarini and Taylor are the same age, star sign, sexuality, and have the same forename. These coincidental affinities have inspired them to make further enquiries into how these idiosyncrasies might be extracted in the laboratory, as well as archive, setting.

The exhibition, preceded by an intensive period of collaboration, is bookended by live iterations of the work on display – both at the private view and during a closing event in March 2016. Part dissection of their personalities and part history of their individual routes to Summerhall itself, the results are tactile, immersive and narrative-led.

In parting Glass Opening Performance, 11 December 2015 Summerhall

There will be a culminating performance on 5th March, 3.30 pm.

Culminating Performance Text, copyright: Richard Taylor and Riccardo Buscarini, 2016.

Part of Winter Visual Arts Programme
12th Dec ’15 – 9th March ’16

‘The act can mean more’ visual arts programme explores artists’ abilities to reunite and record memories and fragments, distilling and contextualizing theirs and others experiences through collecting, marking, moving and making.