Nicky Hodge, Paul Keir, Alan Shipway
Fri 28 Jul 2023   -  Sun 24 Sep 2023
TUES - SUN 11am - 5pm
_ Entry: FREE
_ Venue: War Memorial Library

Three artists, three sensibilities, one tendency:  a makeshift approach to what might be called ‘lyrical minimalism’.

Makeshift is what we end up doing with what comes to hand, invariably with simple elements – and we find it’s the hand (and the eye) that best invent things, not the mind.  It’s most often through that very process, and maybe even only through that process, that the unexpected comes about. 

What’s makeshift is provisional too – and the work shown here can be seen as provisional attempts to address pictorial problems and to come up with new visual meanings.  We might not think of these attempts as final or definitive:  it’s the makeshift aspect of the work that best reveals its speculative purpose. 

Most of what’s sufficient to these three artists has usually come about in this way: searching uncertainly, as if in the dark – at the same time alive to the possibility of finding this satisfactory rightness.

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