Mount Strange and the Temple of Fame

Mount Strange and the Temple of Fame

Victoria Clare Bernie, Maria Gimeno, Mina Heydari-Waite, Alix Villanueva
Fri 24 Jan 2020   -  Sun 15 Mar 2020
11:00-18:00 (Wednesday-Sunday)
_ Venue: Meadows Gallery

Curated by Wendy Law

Preview of the exhibition: Thursday 23 January 2020

Maria Gimeno’s performance Queridas Viejas: Sunday 8 March 2020 – RSVP here

In this curated exhibition, four major female artists investigate and uncover managed histories, strange landscapes and the power of myth-making and folklore. The artists research, re-claim, reveal and re-present semi imagined old pasts, new futures, and truth.

In her film Mount Strange and the Temple of Fame Victoria Clare Bernie conveys the exchange between the forces of artifice and entropy. In Daedalus, she explores conspiracy and myth surrounding Rudolf Hess’ failed flight, on 10 May 1941, to Dungavel House, the summer residence of the Dukes of Hamilton in South Lanarkshire, (now an immigration detention facility).

Madrid based artist Maria Gimeno in her exhibition and performance Queridas Viejas, restores women artists to their rightful place in art history. Queridas Viejas has been recently shown at the Prado Museum in Madrid.

In همسفر (Hamsafar /translation: Companion Traveller) Mina Heydari-Waite investigates how Iranian cultural histories, traditions and experiences are relayed and how diaspora artists collect, reassemble and refabricate cultural cues and narratives to create new settings for themselves.

Alix Villanueva, a multi-media Edinburgh-based artist and cosmoecologist, displays in her work: Whilst sage grows in her garden – a range of modern mythmaking, merging sculptural elements, image-making, rituals and eco-poetics to explore and unpack relationships with other beings.

The exhibition is curated by Wendy Law and includes drawings, film, sound, objects, installation, and performance, across six gallery rooms: Meadows Suite, Corner Gallery, and Sciennes Gallery

The events are planned to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020.

The exhibition guide is available to download here

This project is supported by National Lottery through Creative Scotland