Paintings by Nihad Al Turk

Nihad Al Turk
Permanent Exhibition

Many of Nihad Al Turk’s deeply psychological compositions, informed by readings in literature and philosophy, can be read as allegorical self-portraits.

Central to his work are the thematic explorations of man’s endurance amidst the power struggles of good and evil- an existentialist question that has engrossed the artist for some time.

Al Turk’s regular cast of imperfect creatures, mythical demons, still lifes, and botanical elements serve as the symbolic outcasts, anti-heroes, and rebels of a harrowing narrative.

Recently, he has set aside the dark palette of his earlier mixed-media paintings by injecting vivid hues in the form of solid colour fields that accentuate figures. This visible sense of optimism is juxtaposed with the quieting of his protagonists through a robust, no longer disfigured physicality as they finally escape the weight of their world.

Nihad Al Turk was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1972. A self-taught artist, he began drawing at a young age and pursued painting in his adolescence before launching his artistic career in Syria in the late 1990s.