Pattern Repeat

Pattern Repeat

Julia Malle
Fri 20 Nov 2015 - Thu 31 Dec 2020

In the work of UK-based sculptor and scientific glassblower Julia Malle, light and glass come together to form map-like structures that stand independently, removed from their original context, highlighting the material qualities of light against glass surfaces and surrounding space. Her approach is to reformulate what already exists, to change the status of the material and elevate it to different levels of perception for the audience. Borrowing from her knowledge of scientific glassblowing and combining those techniques with light she creates a new language for both materials.

For Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015 Malle’s neon and scientific glassblowing works linked the exhibitions, illuminating and guiding visitors through the sprawling corridors of Summerhall. Malle was commissioned to also create a permanent artwork, Pattern Repeat in the foyer welcoming visitors will be commissioned by Edinburgh International Science Festival and Summerhall, signifying their ongoing relationship.

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015 brochure

Image: Julia Malle in front of Pattern Repeat, Edinburgh International Science Festival Visual Arts Launch 2015, courtesy Peter Dibdin Photographer.