PhotoSoc Annual Exhibition and Events: Every Picture Tells a Story

PhotoSoc Annual Exhibition and Events: Every Picture Tells a Story

University of Edinburgh
Mon 22 Feb 2016   -  Wed 24 Feb 2016
9:00 - 17:00
_ Venue: Library Cafe

This year’s PhotoSoc exhibition and events Every Picture Tells a Story focus on the themes of Culture, Community, Connections and Interactions and is part of Gather Festival – an annual festival celebrating the diversity of the University of Edinburgh community. The festival is a space where people come together, cross boundaries, showcase global culture, harness new opportunities and skills and connect with individual and collective identities.

Free Events

Opening Event: 7-9pm, Monday 22nd February 2016, book your ticket here.

Life Exposed Workshop: 7-9pm, Tuesday 23rd Feb – How does our cultural background shape the way we see the world? Dr Richard Baxstrom leads you through a workshop using the photography exhibition as a starting point to investigate how culture shapes perception. Book your ticket here.

Shifting Focus Storytelling Workshop: Wednesday 24th Feb 7-9 pm – Learn about storytelling and how stories work. Guided by professional storytellers Mara Menzies and Alette Willis, master simple techniques to build your own story around a photo from the exhibition. Book your ticket here.


PhotoSoc is the oldest and largest university photographic society in the UK with a diverse membership nearing 400.