Muth Guth
Thu 09 Nov 2023   -  Sun 19 Nov 2023
11am - 5pm
_ Entry: FREE
_ Venue: Meadows Gallery

Synaesthesia is a mixed media and multidisciplinary collaborative exhibition put together by a team of neurodivergent artists. You will be guided through four very different worlds: the first two rooms are the social and external worlds, and the last two are the internal and individual worlds. Each space will contain things you may taste, touch, smell, hear, see or experience in some other way… This exhibition contains paintings, sculptures, photography, food, plants, music, poetry, politics, psychology, and philosophy, among many other things. The critical themes of Synaesthesia are neurodivergence, the inner processes of the mind, sensory stimuli, hypersensitivity, sensory overwhelm and self-stimulating behaviour (or ‘stimming’). 

Synaesthesia holds the potential to be an incredibly important experience specifically for neurodivergent individuals, as it may offer that sense of feeling seen and recognised within community. Importantly though, this exhibition does not suggest a universal experience of neurodivergence but celebrates its diversity. Moreover, representation ought not to be the only thing that comes out of this neuroatypical manifestation but action guidance for community empowerment. This event has the power to be transformative as it may help realise the strong community of solidarity out there. It could lead some to join the fight for saving and strengthening our NHS, towards diagnosis, speaking with others, healing and seeking support. Moreover, it may be an important experience for neurotypical individuals as they take a journey through the somewhat immersive gallery spaces they may experience these spaces through a neurodivergent lense, if just for a moment; it may help bring awareness to and awaken stronger feelings of empathy for the community and bolster allyship.  Opening night 9th on November at 7pm will host talks by academics in politics, philosophy and psychology speaking to you about what neurodivergence is exactly and means, this will be followed by poetry, music and performance art a tour around the gallery much mingling and jolly shenanigans.