The Thermos Museum

The Thermos Museum

Wed 05 Aug 2015   -  Mon 31 Aug 2015
_ Venue: Courtyard

The Thermos Museum is a comedic but also edifying experience; suitcases unfold to reveal numerous astonishing displays. However, the public are not free to reign: visitors are escorted around the museum by the mysterious and disenchanted Tour Guide. Digression seems to rule over Flask information. Truths are blurred, and the concept of a museum is played with. The exhibits are presented in themed tableaux, such as “Thermos at War” (featuring audio-visual effects) and “Flasks of the world” (uniquely educational).

Tours are Wed-Sat, 5th-31st August, 2pm and 3pm,
Tour duration : 30mins

“A Joy” the Glasgow Herald

“A superb piece of artistic geekiness”
the List

“It’s about Flasks” Ben, aged 7.