Wallpapers (K7 series)

Roger Elliot
Sat 14 Jan 2023   -  Sun 26 Feb 2023
Wed - Sun 12 - 6pm
_ Venue: Basement Gallery I

Wallpapers is an open series of multicoloured works using the RAL K7 colour chart as its source, a method which raises provocative questions regarding originality, authorship and circulation. Measuring 30 x 60cm, each paper rectangle is divided into four equal parts, each painted a specific colour. The relationships between colours is established by grouping them in pairs according to their properties.

Painting is an activity done on a flat surface. Starting from this premise, Elliot wanted to render form but without space as much as possible. Made from trade lining-paper and wall paint, each respective piece is pasted directly onto the gallery wall using wallpaper paste, allowing the work’s formal structure to be directly related to the gallery’s architectural structure.

The Wallpapers give rise to manifold relationships which can be read either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They can be considered as single forms as well as part of a wider installation providing viewers with a sensually immersive experience of colour.