You Are Magic

Pilar Garcia de Leaniz
Permanent Exhibition
2022 Courtyard Commission Project by Pilar Garcia de Leaniz

Pilar Garcia de Leaniz is a freelance award-winning illustrator and graphic designer and teaching fellow at Edinburgh College of Art.

Leaniz’ works stem from a belief in the link between creativity and emotions. 

You Are Magic endeavours to capture the essence of wonder through vibrant colours and sunny illustrations. It stands as a visual tribute to the creative capacity within every individual. The title “You Are Magic” transcends and becomes a mantra, inviting observers to embrace their distinct qualities and acknowledge the potential within themselves. 

Every element within the mural holds significance, from the lively flora to the characters that adorn the work. Through this visual narrative, the viewer can be invited on a journey of introspection, urging them to embrace their individuality and create a sense of wonder in some of their everyday experiences.

You Are Magic transcends its physical form to encourage creativity, hope and self-belief.

Pilar Garcia de Leaniz won the Courtyard commission project 2022, along with Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness.