One Day / Concerto for mouth and four others

Philippe Broutin
15th December 2012 - 22nd February 2013
11am till 6pm Daily
Venue: Meadows Gallery

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Ticket Price: Free, non ticketed

Philippe Broutin is a French poet, composer and sculptor. He is also 64 years of age and in good health. That said, he believes that his uncompromising artistic life (originally as a Lettriste standing alongside Isidore Isou during the 1968 Paris student and workers’ revolt) and his isolation from others is the price he has paid for being creative.

In ‘ONE DAY’ the artist confronts his moment of death in advance. In a series of hanging poetic texts each visitor to the gallery is made very aware of the price of dying alone until finally he or she is confronted with the stark reality of every person’s inevitable future.

This beautifully stark if unnerving installation is shown in Summerhall’s Courtyard Gallery. Elsewhere in the building there is a sound installation also by Broutin – “Concerto for a Mouth and Four Members”.