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_ Zone 1: Lower Church & Cairns
_ Room: M20B

Animation Garden has a global, ecological focus, and we believe that to save the planet, you have to start locally. Our aim is to nurture local, Scottish in the production of high-quality, hand-crafted 2D animation services, which include corporate, creative and commercial animation which can emotively convey the story of your communication needs.
Every Garden Needs an Animator, someone who can plant the seeds, water those that need moisture, and tend to those small trees in ways that will make them grow the tallest and strongest. Within a Scottish Film Industry which is in bloom, we want to face outward to the whole world: to do that we need to have the best possible soil and give animators projects on which to thrive and flourish. We want to help burgeoning talent to grow and to be tall and strong and healthy.

Tel: 07719831429