Invisible Spaces

Invisible Spaces

Sat 10 Nov 2018   -  Fri 21 Dec 2018
11:00-18:00 (Tuesday-Sunday)
_ Venue: Basement Gallery II

Join us on Friday 9th November, between 6-9pm, for the launch of exhibitions Visible Girls Revisited and Invisible Spaces, presented by Historic Environment Scotland as part of their Year of Young People. Please RSVP to

What spaces matter to young people in 21st century Scotland? How are these the backdrop to their interests? Their concerns? Their daily lives? What shapes their sense of self?

As part of the Year of Young People, Historic Environment Scotland asked a group of 18-26 year olds to document the significant spaces that inform their identity.

These spaces range from intimate, domestic rooms to global concerns played out in Scotland’s streetscapes. But they can be overlooked. Invisible. Marginal. Unseen by the public at large, and by official organisations. The images and artworks that document these unseen locales will be shown at a new exhibition called Invisible Spaces.

Invisible Spaces brings together young people from across Scotland to create and curate a thought-provoking and timely exhibition. Their 2018 work complements, and will be shown alongside, Anita Corbin’s acclaimed Visible Girls: Revisited, an examination of youth culture in the early 1980s.