Postcard Art Exhibition & Auction 2017

Postcard Art Exhibition & Auction 2017

The Rock Trust
Fri 23 Jun 2017   -  Fri 14 Jul 2017
Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm Sat: 10am – 5pm Sun: 11am – 4pm
_ Venue: Library Gallery

This year’s Postcard Art Exhibition is bigger than ever, bringing together the combined talents of renowned artists such as David Forster, The Grey Earl, Avril Paton, Stephen Mangan, Al Heighton, Raymond Osborn, Lynne Hanley and many others from Scotland and beyond.

All auction proceeds will help the Rock Trust end youth homelessness in Scotland.


This is a charity fundraising art exhibition and auction, and all proceeds will go to the Rock Trust.

The Rock Trust works with young people aged 16- 25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Our role is to advise, educate and support young people. We want to enable them to build the personal skills and resources required to make a positive and healthy transition to adulthood, while avoiding or moving on from homelessness.

We believe that resilience and positive relationships are key in successfully preventing and moving on from homelessness and we train professional across Scotland to support individuals affected by loneliness and isolation.

Accommodation, support, education and employment are the best routes out of the streets and the misery that accompanies homelessness; they lead to a better future for our young people.

The Rock Trust works with between 400 and 500 young people every year. We have always believed that homelessness is more than rooflessness and that young people need to learn social and practical skills to be active participating members of their community and society.

What is Postcard Art?

The Rock Trust has organised a Postcard Art Exhibition and Auction in Edinburgh every two years since 2007.

The first three events were held in the Traverse Theatre, and the fourth in Castle Fine Art gallery, on Multrees Walk.

The 2015 and 2017 events have been held here at Summerhall, who have supported us in this by very generously donating the exhibition space.

This is one of our biggest fundraising events in our calendar. Over the years, we have built up a fantastic database of supportive artists, local and from further afield, who have including Callum Innes, John Byrne, Alexander Miller, John Wilson, Jeff Rowland, Ann Oram, Kate Downie, Tessa Dunlop, Al Heighton, Peter Howsen, Tony Husband, Steven Mangan and Raymond Osborn.

This year, we hope to raise over £20,000 to help us support some of the most vulnerable young people in our community.

Thank you for taking the time to browse this exhibition – please do enter a bid for your favourite piece.

We would like to thank the following supportive artists:

Agnieszka Magnucka, Aileen Crosbie, Alan Heighton, Alan King, Alice McCall, Alison Watt, Allison Young, Andrew Phillips, Anna Oberfeld, Anne Butler, Avril Paton, Beth Carey, Brenda Johnstone, Carrie Sanderson, Celeste W. Clark, Chelsea Rodger, Chris Taylor, Cindel Oranday, Claire Kennedy, Clare Robertson, Colin Park, David Cass, David Forster, David Schofield, Derek Sanderson, Dick Donaghue, Dinda Fass, Ellisa Haldenby, Emily Moore, Fee Dickson, Fiona Mathison, Fiona Sutherland, Freddie Thomas, Gee Watson, Geraldine Joliffe, Hannah Beresford-Ross, Hari Conner, Ian Robertson, Inez Patino, Jacob Bee, Jacqueline Watt, Jake Hainey, JH Zeller Jacques, Joan Stack, Joanna Srokol, Joe Malster, John Luckie, John Philip Murray, Jojo Ensslin, Karen Warner, Katarzyna Wojdyla, Kate Livingstone, Ken Pyne, Kirsty Boutle, Lauren McLaughlin, Lin Pattullo, Lindsey Lavender, Lisa Pettersson, Louise Marks, Lucy Jones, Lynn Hanley, Mags Macfarlane, Marge Whiteside, Marguerite Wilson, Maria Vigers, Marja van Kampen, Mark Halsey, Mark Nicholas Edwart, Mary Luckie, Michael Price, Michele McDonald, Michelle Ranson, Mij Rothera, Nick Askew, Nicky Henderson, Nicola Boon, Penni McCallum, Rachel Everitt, Rachel Marshall, Raymond Osborn, Rhed Fawell, Ron Burnett, Rowan Paton, Sade Foley, Santiago Paulos, Sarah Bissell, Scott Carruthers, Scott Naismith, Sheila Tocher, Stephanie Rew, Stephen Mangan, Susan Leishman, Susan Machary, The Grey Earl, Tracey Kinniburgh, Trish McCormack and Yvonne Watson.