Beetroot presents: Exciting original ska band Urang Matang play bouncy dancy upbeat tunes and featuring the soaring sax of “Chops”. Electric Penelope with their bright fresh sound, elegant sculpted songs and tight tight musicianship. Every so often a band comes along and reminds you that there’s plenty of life in the traditional four piece [...]

LOLFest (1)


Summerhall’s only stand-up comedy event for 2011, LOLfest is raising money for Shelter Scotland and features performances from award-winning comedians Josie Long, Daniel Kitson, and Robin Ince, as well as music from ballboy. twitter:  @lolfest         This event is now sold out.


Noir Fashion Party

Alexander McQueen’s legacy of bold, brave ingenuity continues to inspire beyond the borders of the fashion world. Noir! #9 takes this opportunity to respectfully commemorate his burial on the Isle of Skye and celebrate a true genius. Centered on a fashion show presenting a collection of exquisite womenswear from Harvey Nichols, guests can expect a showcase of [...]

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