The Car

BACʼs Beatbox Academy presents: The Car

Look out for a chair with a warning, take a seat, check over your shoulder… and get ready for an adrenaline filled experience with BAC’s Beatbox Academy. The Car is an exhilarating performance for one audience member at a time.

Ghost City image

(g)Host City

Come walk the streets with us and find hidden, subversive works of art among the shops and cafes. (g)HostCity is a new ‘virtual festival’ – an exciting programme of audio performances that you experience on your own time using a smartphone or MP3 player. Includes new work by Momus, Alan Bissett, Jenny Lindsay, Jim Colquhoun [...]


As The Flames Rose We Danced To The Sirens, The Sirens

Iara is starting to fear the worst. Sheʼs looking for a roomful of strangers whose arms she can fall into. And whilst she knows that she cannot necessarily be trusted, tonight she would like to put herself in your hands…


Audience as Document

The event invites those who have experienced the overnight Hotel Medea trilogy to share their memories, as part of an exploration of how the memory of a performance becomes a performative event in its own right.

Atomkraft 2

BAC Scratch: Atomkraft

Greg McLaren has been exploring the ‘Nuclear Issue’. What’s that then? The terror of accident? The mystery of the process? The deep and global energy corruption? And how does that relate to a man boiling his hand?

Josie Long

BAC Scratch: Josie Long

Josie Long is a stand up comedian whose main show at the fringe is about politics and anger. In her Scratch performance she wants to work on something that’s the opposite of that… Probably involving making some kind of papier mâché puppets.

Kate Tempest

BAC Scratch: Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is a poet, rapper and playwright from South East London who will be scratching new work in response to the atmospheric space of Summerhall’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre.

Made In China

BAC Scratch: Made In China

Made in China will be working on new material for a show about the impact of where we’re from and where we have been on who we are. They will be exploring how stories and memories can warp and overlap, and the impact of this on individual identity. Their Scratch performances will feature slow dances, audience data, rousing speeches and a variety of guest performers.


BAC Scratch: The Paper Cinemaʼs Odyssey

A tale of one husband’s long return to his home and family, after war. Overcoming obstacles both natural and super natural, on the high seas and across his own threshold. 

A BAC and Paper Cinema co-production.

Amy Lame

BAC Scratch: Unhappy Birthday

Written and performed by Amy Lamé, directed by Scottee

Welcome to my Unhappy Birthday. My invited guest of honour is the Smiths frontman and cult global superstar Morrissey. Join us around a table set for my ultimate birthday party; a place is reserved for Morrissey …He’s running late…Will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers and a bottle of plonk? Will he bother to turn up at all?


BAC: Artist Brainstorm

If you have some creative ideas you would like to share with BAC, then come on down to Summerhall and join us for a cuppa. A chance to meet the BAC Producing team and to hear more about BAC’s new artistic model ‘Cook Up – Tuck In – Take Out’ and share your ideas with us too.

everyminutealways_main image_ Fin Robertson

BAC: every minute, always

‘every minute, always’ by Melanie Wilson and Abigail Conway is a unique headphones performance for two people, that takes place in a cinema. A tender and sonically transporting experience of cinematic perspective, suited to both friends and adventurous strangers.

“A beautifully written meditation” The Guardian 


BAC: Hannah Ringhamʼs Free Show (bring money) by Glen Neath

Meet a woman whose life has gone wrong. How much should you pay to hear her story? At the heart of this show lies the question of its worth.

“Cheap at twice the price.” Tim Crouch

goose party pub image

BAC: Little Bulb, Goose Party

Little Bulb Theatre

GOOSE PARTY: Migrate, Celebrate, GOOSE PARTY!
The Identity Tour (a search for identity)
Treat your sweet self to the party’s sonic antipasti in a high-octane evening of madcap musical wildness, wilderness and calamity.


BAC: On Ways to Disappear

Me and the Machine

On Ways To Disappear is a short film screening for one viewer at a time, a jigsaw story that invites you to become one of its pieces.


BAC: Rotating in a Room of Images

Lundahl & Seitl


This is an intense fifteen minute long, immersive experience for one audience member at a time, set in a bewitching semi-darkness.  Prepare to be guided by a disembodied voice through a series of enigmatic and revelatory encounters


BAC: The Loveliness Principle


The Loveliness Principle delivers a challenge to discover something precious and remarkable, a hunt across the festival for signs that will lead you into an adventure that could possibly change the way you see the world.


BAC: The moment I saw you I knew I could love you



Set in the belly of a whale, this piece is about gut feelings; fight, flight and freeze reactions; impulse, love and undefended moments.

big ben - reflection

Biding Time – A year in the making

BiDiNG TiME is an international experiment to make music theatre in 2012. This installation launches the process and shares a story. Its an adventure with a deadline with many opportunities to take part. What are you waiting for?

In partnership with Pleasance & Summerhall

bookends poster

Book Ends

Savin-O’Hara Productions repesents Book Ends, a new one act play about loving books a little too much… A tale of two book lovers who meet while browsing for romance and passion in a local bookshop. Book Ends  is a play for anyone who has ever read voraciously between the lines or fallen madly in love [...]



Entitled is about hope, privilege and disappointment. Devised by three dancers, three technicians and a writer, it takes the form of a get-in and a get-out: the usually hidden choreography of transforming a theatre from an empty space into a show.


HOTEL MEDEA from midnight to dawn

Provocative interpretation of the dark revenge myth of Medea. An 
overnight experience with live DJ, hot chocolate and twisted games o f
hide and seek. ‘Uncannily powerful’ (GUARDIAN) Be aware: this show
 lasts from midnight to dawn. BREAKFAST INCLUDED


Hotel Methuselah

Imitating the Dog revive their highly successful international touring piece for this year’s festival and for The British Council Showcase. Hotel Methuselah is a disturbing ghost story that creates a unique visceral experience for its audience. Guardian Guide Pick of the Week, 2006.

Preview - OSA / Merzen Exhibition - CUBE, Manchester  Exhibition

Kurt Schwitters’ Sound Sonata

German speech performer Florian Kaplick guarantees a series of thrilling performances of the longest and perhaps most notorious sound poem of the early 20th century conceived by German artist Kurt Schwitters whose collages are exhibited worldwide from Tate to MoMA. Legendary Edinburgh artist and art promoter Richard Demarco will introduce each performance.


Men Avoid Jars

Men Avoid Jars is an absurd and surreal deconstruction of everything theatre tries to be. This two-man show is a musical and visual composition that turns ritual on its head in an exhilarating sacrament of Dadaism.

Daniel Cunningham-5_jpg

No. 52

Playfully colliding stylistic forms to create a blend of comedy, Two’s Company Three’s a Crowd presents the O’Reilly family of No.52, having a nice Sunday roast, but watch out for Mrs O’Reilly clobbering her husband with a bottle of red…



A work of outright conceptual theatre, RJ Thomson’s new play is the actual place of Singapore. A work of site-specific, interactive, durational, socially engaged, conceptual theatre, Singapore is also intended as a full allegory for the human condition.



Traumatikon is a feast for the imagination, and offers a Kantor-like experience, akin to the Dadaist happenings at Café Voltaire, with aspects of Russian Constructavist theatre. The result of a master class conducted by Andrzej Welminski and Teresa Welminska, with Counter-Active. Created in collaboration with, visual artists and former members of the internationally acclaimed Cricot2. [...]

Watch me Fall b_w v hi res (Credit Sandy Danbury)

Watch Me Fall (Forest Fringe at Summerhall)

Watch Me Fall is for the daredevils. Drawing on footage of Evel Knievel jumps, interviews with Niagara Falls daredevils, the speeches of American presidents and transcripts from Chuck Yeager’s supersonic flights, Watch Me Fall questions our obsession with those who attempt the impossible, the futility of their attempts and their inevitable fall from grace .

When We Meet Again image

When We Meet Again (Introduced as Friends)

“When I first met you, you could see me but I couldn’t see you”, the invisible woman recounts.

When We Meet Again is a wearable film and one-to-one performance, a bizarre sensuous experience featuring you, your invisible friend, a 3D soundtrack, an old forgotten dance, the ocean, a flavour and me.

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