Summerhall is blessed with a fantastic venue home: the historic buildings of the former Royal Dick Veterinary School, a long-standing institution of worldwide renown, part of the University of Edinburgh.

Occupying a 95-year-old, purpose-built vet school gives us access to some unique and spectacular spaces. Accordingly, we are not trying to create a venue complex of homogenised black boxes, but rather work with this special place to celebrate the building as we find it (some additional signage excepted). Come to Summerhall and explore…

The Dissection Room


you have never been into a space like our bar… this huge L-shaped room with greenhouse windows, cabinets all round the walls, and a wrought iron balcony on two sides, has to be seen to be believed.

Main Hall


a grand classical hall; gone are the numerous oil paintings of breeds of cow, but the elegance remains in this, our main theatre space

The Anatomy Lecture Room


a beautiful, small, hemispherical lecture theatre entirely made of wood

The Red Lecture Theatre


this room was built in 1971. No, sorry, this room IS 1971.

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