The Car

BACʼs Beatbox Academy presents: The Car

Look out for a chair with a warning, take a seat, check over your shoulder… and get ready for an adrenaline filled experience with BAC’s Beatbox Academy. The Car is an exhilarating performance for one audience member at a time.

Ghost City image

(g)Host City

Come walk the streets with us and find hidden, subversive works of art among the shops and cafes. (g)HostCity is a new ‘virtual festival’ – an exciting programme of audio performances that you experience on your own time using a smartphone or MP3 player. Includes new work by Momus, Alan Bissett, Jenny Lindsay, Jim Colquhoun [...]



What can the performing arts do about Climate Change? Is it the role of artists to address major global issues? And if so, how? A range of experienced speakers will discuss this highly topical and emotive issue.

Presented by the BiDiNG TiME project.


As The Flames Rose We Danced To The Sirens, The Sirens

Iara is starting to fear the worst. Sheʼs looking for a roomful of strangers whose arms she can fall into. And whilst she knows that she cannot necessarily be trusted, tonight she would like to put herself in your hands…

Photograp by Ashley Nieuwenhuizen

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen was born in Johannesburg in 1984 and lives and works in Dundee and Fife. Graduating with a First Class Degree, with Distinction in September 2010 from the Master of Fine Art Programme at Duncan of Jordanstone, Ashley Nieuwenhuizen continues to investigate the fantastical and scientific realms that serve to amalgamate features and aspects [...]


Audience as Document

The event invites those who have experienced the overnight Hotel Medea trilogy to share their memories, as part of an exploration of how the memory of a performance becomes a performative event in its own right.

Atomkraft 2

BAC Scratch: Atomkraft

Greg McLaren has been exploring the ‘Nuclear Issue’. What’s that then? The terror of accident? The mystery of the process? The deep and global energy corruption? And how does that relate to a man boiling his hand?

Josie Long

BAC Scratch: Josie Long

Josie Long is a stand up comedian whose main show at the fringe is about politics and anger. In her Scratch performance she wants to work on something that’s the opposite of that… Probably involving making some kind of papier mâché puppets.

Kate Tempest

BAC Scratch: Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest is a poet, rapper and playwright from South East London who will be scratching new work in response to the atmospheric space of Summerhall’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre.

Made In China

BAC Scratch: Made In China

Made in China will be working on new material for a show about the impact of where we’re from and where we have been on who we are. They will be exploring how stories and memories can warp and overlap, and the impact of this on individual identity. Their Scratch performances will feature slow dances, audience data, rousing speeches and a variety of guest performers.


BAC Scratch: The Paper Cinemaʼs Odyssey

A tale of one husband’s long return to his home and family, after war. Overcoming obstacles both natural and super natural, on the high seas and across his own threshold. 

A BAC and Paper Cinema co-production.

Amy Lame

BAC Scratch: Unhappy Birthday

Written and performed by Amy Lamé, directed by Scottee

Welcome to my Unhappy Birthday. My invited guest of honour is the Smiths frontman and cult global superstar Morrissey. Join us around a table set for my ultimate birthday party; a place is reserved for Morrissey …He’s running late…Will he arrive clutching a bunch of flowers and a bottle of plonk? Will he bother to turn up at all?


BAC: Artist Brainstorm

If you have some creative ideas you would like to share with BAC, then come on down to Summerhall and join us for a cuppa. A chance to meet the BAC Producing team and to hear more about BAC’s new artistic model ‘Cook Up – Tuck In – Take Out’ and share your ideas with us too.

everyminutealways_main image_ Fin Robertson

BAC: every minute, always

‘every minute, always’ by Melanie Wilson and Abigail Conway is a unique headphones performance for two people, that takes place in a cinema. A tender and sonically transporting experience of cinematic perspective, suited to both friends and adventurous strangers.

“A beautifully written meditation” The Guardian 


BAC: Hannah Ringhamʼs Free Show (bring money) by Glen Neath

Meet a woman whose life has gone wrong. How much should you pay to hear her story? At the heart of this show lies the question of its worth.

“Cheap at twice the price.” Tim Crouch

goose party pub image

BAC: Little Bulb, Goose Party

Little Bulb Theatre

GOOSE PARTY: Migrate, Celebrate, GOOSE PARTY!
The Identity Tour (a search for identity)
Treat your sweet self to the party’s sonic antipasti in a high-octane evening of madcap musical wildness, wilderness and calamity.


BAC: On Ways to Disappear

Me and the Machine

On Ways To Disappear is a short film screening for one viewer at a time, a jigsaw story that invites you to become one of its pieces.


BAC: Rotating in a Room of Images

Lundahl & Seitl


This is an intense fifteen minute long, immersive experience for one audience member at a time, set in a bewitching semi-darkness.  Prepare to be guided by a disembodied voice through a series of enigmatic and revelatory encounters


BAC: The Loveliness Principle


The Loveliness Principle delivers a challenge to discover something precious and remarkable, a hunt across the festival for signs that will lead you into an adventure that could possibly change the way you see the world.


BAC: The moment I saw you I knew I could love you



Set in the belly of a whale, this piece is about gut feelings; fight, flight and freeze reactions; impulse, love and undefended moments.



Beetroot presents: Exciting original ska band Urang Matang play bouncy dancy upbeat tunes and featuring the soaring sax of “Chops”. Electric Penelope with their bright fresh sound, elegant sculpted songs and tight tight musicianship. Every so often a band comes along and reminds you that there’s plenty of life in the traditional four piece [...]

Bernard Rudden Pig Zen

Bernard Rudden: Ars Animalis

A sunlit summer room. Light streams on glass cases as the removers in overalls tape the head, neck and torso of a a horse skeleton.

Best Canadian poetry cover

Best Canadian Poetry: Group Event

Under the stewardship of esteemed series editor, Molly Peacock, The Best Canadian Poetry in English takes the pulse of Canada’s poetry on an annual basis.

big ben - reflection

Biding Time – A year in the making

BiDiNG TiME is an international experiment to make music theatre in 2012. This installation launches the process and shares a story. Its an adventure with a deadline with many opportunities to take part. What are you waiting for?

In partnership with Pleasance & Summerhall

bookends poster

Book Ends

Savin-O’Hara Productions repesents Book Ends, a new one act play about loving books a little too much… A tale of two book lovers who meet while browsing for romance and passion in a local bookshop. Book Ends  is a play for anyone who has ever read voraciously between the lines or fallen madly in love [...]


Is the ekphrastic poem in some way an art heist? Is it a reproduction or a conversation with the work of art? What gap lies between the poem and the art?


Canadian poet Myna Wallin’s collection, A Thousand Profane Pieces, is full of eroticism and free expressions of sexuality. But do there seem to be fewer poets interested in writing about sex these days? Is it considered passé? Declassé? Why are more poets writing about loons than sexual politics?

Jim Nason

Canadian Poetry: Northern Lights Reading

Five established Canadian poets take to the stage to read their work. Though they come from different
perspectives and poetic stances, each performer delivers a high standard of poetic achievement,
and together, these voices represent a cross-section of current Canadian artistic concerns.

Marrow Willow

Canadian Poetry: Where We Stand: Urban and Wilderness Poetics

How does place compel our creativity and shape our poetic imagination? Whether at home or abroad, whether on a pastoral retreat or in an off-hour at a busy city job, how does the writer’s location seep into the written work? Why does travel, a new environment, stimulate and inspire new work for some writers?

Christisn Boltanski

Christian Boltanski, Early Artworks and Documents

A unique collection of materials from the foremost French artist of his generation. Descriptive tours provided free on arrangement with Director of Heart Fine Art, Paul Robertson.    

Black Gates, installation by Clare Flateley

Clare Flatley, The Black Gates

ECA graduate Clare Flatley has been invited to exhibit her work ‘The Black Gates’ as part of the Summerhall Programme 2011. ‘My degree show piece demonstrates my explorations into the absorbent and reflective qualities of surfaces, particularly the immersive power and apparent depth of a black surface. My aim was to create a passing point [...]

Daisies 1

Daisies (15)

Initially banned on its release in Czechoslovakia in 1966, Daisies is today regarded as a surrealist classic. Two girls, both named Marie, set about performing a series of riotous acts rebelling against the oppressive society that surrounds them.

Photo Credit: David Michalek

David Michalek: Slow Dancing

Slow Dancing is a series of 43 larger-than-life, hyper-slow-motion video portraits of dancers and choreographers from around the world, displayed on multiple screens. Each subject’s movement (approximately 5 seconds long) was shot on a specially constructed set using a high-speed, high-definition camera recording at 1,000 frames per second (standard film captures 30 frames per second). [...]



Entitled is about hope, privilege and disappointment. Devised by three dancers, three technicians and a writer, it takes the form of a get-in and a get-out: the usually hidden choreography of transforming a theatre from an empty space into a show.

cineconcerts image

FOUND / Tokamak / Lipsync for a Lullaby

Ten Tracks, l’Institut Français d’Écosse and Summerhall present part one of two events dedicated to the cinéconcert format – the creation and performance of new soundtracks to existing films of the musicians’ choice. FOUND, Tokamak and Lipsync for a Lullaby’s styles contrast, but all of them share a creativity and intensity which suits accompaniment to [...]


Free Belarus Now!

International Director Irina Bogdanova in conversation with Richard Demarco and Zara Coombes.


From Plato to Primal Scream: Music and its connection to Philosophy

Music and politics. Music and ethics. Music and logic. Music and knowledge.
Music and Philosophy have been linked throughout the history of Western thought from the ancient Greeks onwards. This talk, given by Dr Edward Campbell, a lecturer in the Music Department at the University of Aberdeen and a renowned academic, speaker and published writer will explore a number of the key historical encounters between music and philosophy as well as looking to how the two continue to be implicated in ever new ways by musicians and philosophers.

Future Shorts logo

Future Shorts: The Next Generation Film Festival

Future Shorts ONE is a global film event that unites audiences across the world in a monthly celebration of creativity, culture and community. Every month, audiences from 65 cities in 15 countries around the globe share the same experience via the Future Shorts programme.


Gallivant (15)

Artist and filmmaker Andrew Kotting embarks on a journey around the coastline of the UK with his 85 year old grandmother Gladys and 7 year old daughter Eden, who has Joubert Syndrome. The journey is an opportunity for Gladys and Eden to get to know each other as well as a chance to document some of the people and places they encounter on the way.


Glasgow Short Film Festival at Edinburgh Festival Fringe I

Scotland’s leading short film event presents some of the highlights from the festival’s past programmes. Two selections of films by award-winning local and international filmmakers: adventurous, fun and occasionally a little twisted.


Glasgow Short Film Festival at Edinburgh Festival Fringe II

Scotland’s leading short film event presents some of the highlights from the festival’s past programmes. Two selections of films by award-winning local and international filmmakers: adventurous, fun and occasionally a little twisted.


HOTEL MEDEA from midnight to dawn

Provocative interpretation of the dark revenge myth of Medea. An 
overnight experience with live DJ, hot chocolate and twisted games o f
hide and seek. ‘Uncannily powerful’ (GUARDIAN) Be aware: this show
 lasts from midnight to dawn. BREAKFAST INCLUDED


Hotel Methuselah

Imitating the Dog revive their highly successful international touring piece for this year’s festival and for The British Council Showcase. Hotel Methuselah is a disturbing ghost story that creates a unique visceral experience for its audience. Guardian Guide Pick of the Week, 2006.


Ingrid Christie, Meta Phase

Summerhall in Edinburgh (festival Fringe venue 26), was for a century the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.  Ingrid Christie has photographed the site and derived a large series of potent images, many of which are now on show at Summerhall. They tie in with several major themes in her artworks.  One is making cross-cultural [...]

Landscape by James Howie

James Howie 1931-2011 ‘Landscapes’

James Howie, who died early in July, was one of the most important Scottish artists, who established a reputation in the London art world in the 1960s.    He had established a well-deserved reputation as a successful British artist.   He was a prize-winner in the first John Moores’ exhibition in Liverpool in 1957 and, although he [...]

Jamie Fitzpatrick

ZWART Creative Bureau presents ‘(dis)ambiguation’. Featuring the work of three award winning young artists, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Ashley Niewenhuizen and Stephanie Richardson, the exhibition presents a collection of sculptural investigations that challenge genetic normality, investigate the fragility of form and identity and focus on each artist’s fascination with hybrid creatures.   Jamie Fitzpatrick is a sculptor [...]

Kenneth Goldsmith (image David Velasco)

Kenneth Goldsmith: Sucking on Words

Presenting a mode of literature more in dialogue with the visual arts than with conventional poetry or fiction, and arguing for a new kind of ‘thinker-ship’ to replace the conventional idea of a ‘readership’, the lively, incisive and accessible conversations in Simon Morris’ film Sucking on Words are an ideal introduction to Goldsmith’s witty and provocative [...]

Kinoklub Image


KinoKlub is a newly-formed surreal film collective, committed to showcasing some of the best in surreal film from all eras and around the globe on a regular basis.

Preview - OSA / Merzen Exhibition - CUBE, Manchester  Exhibition

Kurt Schwitters’ Sound Sonata

German speech performer Florian Kaplick guarantees a series of thrilling performances of the longest and perhaps most notorious sound poem of the early 20th century conceived by German artist Kurt Schwitters whose collages are exhibited worldwide from Tate to MoMA. Legendary Edinburgh artist and art promoter Richard Demarco will introduce each performance.

Paul Neague action - emerging from the water at Incholm, 1973

La Biennale di Venezia nel Mondo – Italian Scottish Artists Exhibition

La Biennale di Venezia nel Mondo, – Craigcrook Castle with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs &  Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh ‘Paul Neagu Performance on Inchcolm Island’, The Demarco Gallery Edinburgh Arts Summer School, 1972. This year, the committee for the world famous Venice Biennial of Modern Art decided to open the Italian Pavilion to [...]

LOLFest (1)


Summerhall’s only stand-up comedy event for 2011, LOLfest is raising money for Shelter Scotland and features performances from award-winning comedians Josie Long, Daniel Kitson, and Robin Ince, as well as music from ballboy. twitter:  @lolfest         This event is now sold out.

Robert Powell

Mapping the Burning Lands by Robert Powell

Mapping The Burning Lands by Robert Powell  – a collaboration with Yellowback Productions: Robert Powell, Grigor Sloss and Peter Warburton Going to and fro in the earth and walking up and down, this award winning Scottish artist explores utopias, dystopias and the astonishing mundane.


Men Avoid Jars

Men Avoid Jars is an absurd and surreal deconstruction of everything theatre tries to be. This two-man show is a musical and visual composition that turns ritual on its head in an exhilarating sacrament of Dadaism.

cineconcerts image

Mike Slott (live soundtrack for The Return) / Asthmatic Astronaut / Dam Mantle

This year, as part of Ten Tracks’ exploration of the cinéconcert format, the LuckyMe collective bring Mike Slott to the Fringe to perform his alternative soundtrack live to the award-winning Russian film ‘The Return’. Mike Slott is an Irish producer who now operates fromNew York City. Slott’s productions are characterized by layered dark hip hop beats [...]


My Winnipeg (12)

There is nothing quite like the world of Guy Maddin. Inspired by the magic and melodrama of films from the silent era, Maddin mixes animation, drama and documentary to create a unique filmic patchwork. In My Winnipeg the director embarks on a personal journey through memory and myth to explore the spell of his hometown.

Daniel Cunningham-5_jpg

No. 52

Playfully colliding stylistic forms to create a blend of comedy, Two’s Company Three’s a Crowd presents the O’Reilly family of No.52, having a nice Sunday roast, but watch out for Mrs O’Reilly clobbering her husband with a bottle of red…


Noir Fashion Party

Alexander McQueen’s legacy of bold, brave ingenuity continues to inspire beyond the borders of the fashion world. Noir! #9 takes this opportunity to respectfully commemorate his burial on the Isle of Skye and celebrate a true genius. Centered on a fashion show presenting a collection of exquisite womenswear from Harvey Nichols, guests can expect a showcase of [...]

Parallel Lines image

Parallel Lines

A sanctuary for the secular world, or a sculptural work of romantic science fiction… Please explore and stay as long as you like.  This piece is a prelude to the augmented-reality Quantum Physical project by Fringe First winner, Laura Cameron-Lewis.  For a glimpse of the bigger story, see the Quantum Physical page at Parallel Lines [...]


Radio On (18)

A beautiful, melancholic oddity of British cinema, Radio On is a haunting existential road movie set in 1970s England. It follows a young DJ as he drives from London to Bristol following the unexplained death of his brother.


Rose Bruford College Introductory Talk

Rose Bruford College invites you to meet their principal Michael Earley for the opportunity to find out more about and discuss their range of programmes which include Undergraduate Courses such as BA (Hons) Acting, Costume Production, Theatre Studies, Theatre Design and Postgraduate courses in Ensemble Theatre and Theatre and Performing Arts amongst many others.

Three Witches, Incholm Island

Scotland In Europe; Europe in Scotland, Curated by Sandy Moffatt

Curated by Sandy Moffatt – This exhibition is showing in both Edinburgh & Brussels with support of the Scottish Government – ‘event photographs’ by Richard Demarco. An exhibition entitled Scotland in Europe: Europe in Scotland celebrating both Richard Demarco’s 80th birthday and marking his unique contribution to the understanding of Scottish and European culture. Previously [...]



A work of outright conceptual theatre, RJ Thomson’s new play is the actual place of Singapore. A work of site-specific, interactive, durational, socially engaged, conceptual theatre, Singapore is also intended as a full allegory for the human condition.

Stephanie Richardson

ZWART Creative Bureau presents ‘(dis)ambiguation’. Featuring the work of three award winning young artists, Jamie Fitzpatrick, Ashley Niewenhuizen and Stephanie Richardson, the exhibition presents a collection of sculptural investigations that challenge genetic normality, investigate the fragility of form and identity and focus on each artist’s fascination with hybrid creatures. Stephanie Richardson was born in 1989 [...]

'Defaced' by Jim Arcola

Summerhall Artist in Residence: Jim Arcola

We are pleased to announce a joint Summerhall artist residency for artists Tim Taylor & Kenny Watson A.K.A Jim Arcola who will be engaged in the creation of site-specific work inspired by the unique site that is  the former Dick Vet – an environment in transition. Kenny Watson a.k.a Jim Arcola, is an Edinburgh based [...]

Tim Taylor

Summerhall Artist in Residence: Tim Taylor

We are pleased to announce a joint Summerhall artist residency for artists Tim Taylor & Kenny Watson A.K.A Jim Arcola who will be engaged in the creation of site-specific work inspired by the unique site that is  the former Dick Vet – an environment in transition.

In Memoriam Sir Hugh Munro, Oil, Ink, Plaka on Canvas, 2010 by Susie Leiper

Susie Leiper: Calligrapher & Painter

One of Britain’s leading calligraphers, Susie is known both for her traditional skills in writing with quills on vellum and for her innovative use of the Chinese brush as a writing tool. Susie’s formative years as a calligrapher were spent in Hong Kong, where she developed her passion for Chinese art and language.   Susie [...]


The DALI Band

The DALI are a four piece music band from Belarus.

DALI have a wide following in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine as well as increasingly in the west. Victór Rudenka toured the UK in 2008 as well as appearing on MTV’s Unplugged. The band’s musical style has been described as, “A hurricane of hard electronic riffs and touching lyrics filled with urban romanticism.”

Prof Richard Demarco @ Summerhall launch of exhibition 6th August 20011

The Demarco Archive 1930-2011 : Art & War

This exhibition is inspired by the history of the Edinburgh Festival since 1947, and the lives of artists such as JOSEPH BEUYS (who famously said ‘Kunst ist Kapital’ and ‘Show your wounds’ ) and TADEUSZ KANTOR, along with the practitioners of his Cricot 2 Theatre Company (two of whom, Andrzej and Teresa Welminski, directed the Rose Bruford College [...]


The Future of Edinburgh Arts incorporating The Selfish Banquet

Summerhall, one of Edinburgh’s newest multi-arts festival venues, brings outstanding arts practitioners from around the world together to share their expert opinions on the future of the arts in Edinburgh. Incorporated in this discussion is the pilot version of Selfish Banquet, a performative discussion meal hosted by Zecora Ura and commissioned by LIFT, where preparing, serving and sharing food stimulates the palate whilst provoking debate.

screen grab

The Practice of the Impossible: A Discussion

Last year Summerhall’s Director Rupert Thomson wrote a far-fetched manifesto called ‘The Theatre of the Impossible’, which has since been presented at Battersea Arts Centre, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and with the National Theatre of Scotland. For this event he will be in conversation with a selection of contemporary theatre practitioners about making the impossible real: What does that even mean? And why would we want to do it if we could? General questions about the meaning of life are also likely to be touched on: come and share your impossible experiences.

Record Fair image

The Scottish Independent Record Fair

Spend the first Sunday of the Fringe hanging out inEdinburgh’s most unusual new bar: Summerhall’s Dissection Room. Grab a drink, listen to some fine music and buy lots of great records from some ofScotland’s best loved record labels and bands. Including stalls from Chemikal Underground; De-Fence Records; Fence Records; FOUND; Gerry Loves Records; LuckyMe; Retreat!; Song, [...]

The Soldier's Song

The Soldierʼs Song

Developed over an 18 month period of conversation and questions, The Soldier’s Song offers an intimate screen karaoke liaison with a currently serving soldier.

Sarah Loveland

The Viewpoints: Acting Workshop

The Viewpoints represent not only a physical technique but also a philosophical, spiritual, and aesthetic approach to actor and ensemble training. It provides a vocabulary for heightening awareness and impulse regarding space, movement and gesture. Water bottles and movement attire, please.


These Silences

Just as realist painting lost its appeal for many artists after the invention of photography, so many writers abandoned naturalistic storytelling after the development of cinema. These Silences turns the spotlight on novelists who have overhauled and reinvented modernist developments in fiction, to bring up to the minute literary experimentation kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century.


Anthony Joseph has been described as both “blending the diasporic with the avant garde” and “L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry meets Sun Ra”, Joseph’s novel, The African Origin Of UFOs, is accessible but mind expanding. His Afro-futurism encompasses science fiction and folk tales, surreal imagery and neologisms, sudden historical shifts and dexterous verbal riffs on a wide range [...]

Iain Sinclair image by Joy Gordon

Iain Sinclair has been called East London’s recording angel. Hackney’s Pepys. A literary mud-larker and tip-picker. A Travelodge tramp. A toxicologist of the 21st-century landscape. A historian of countercultures and occulted pasts. A psychogeographer.

Carl Weissner

Edward S. Robinson riffs on his book Shift Linguals: Cut-Up Narratives From William S. Burroughs to the Present. In this book Robinson offers a biography of Burroughs cut-up method. He locates its prehistory in modernist and avant-garde practices.

Tom McCarthy (image: Eugenie Dolberg)

Tom McCarthy was short listed for last year’s Booker Prize. His books are crammed with coincidence, with doubles and fakes, moments of deja vu, repetitions of repetitions. McCarthy draws on the history of the avant-garde and modernist experimentation to produce left-field literary fiction that is both acclaimed and contemporary.


These Silences – Where The Novel Has A Nervous Breakdown

Writers from the Book Works Seminar series whose work demonstrates a total disregard for the conventions that structure received ideas about fiction.



Traumatikon is a feast for the imagination, and offers a Kantor-like experience, akin to the Dadaist happenings at Café Voltaire, with aspects of Russian Constructavist theatre. The result of a master class conducted by Andrzej Welminski and Teresa Welminska, with Counter-Active. Created in collaboration with, visual artists and former members of the internationally acclaimed Cricot2. [...]


Visual Arts

Summerhall will transform into a vibrant multi-arts centre throughout the Fringe. This iconic landmark building will inspire a number of creative special projects, acknowledging the relationship between the sciences and arts, and will pay tribute to the buildings historic past as the Royal Dick Veterinary School Managed by View Forth Consultants, throughout the month of [...]

Watch me Fall b_w v hi res (Credit Sandy Danbury)

Watch Me Fall (Forest Fringe at Summerhall)

Watch Me Fall is for the daredevils. Drawing on footage of Evel Knievel jumps, interviews with Niagara Falls daredevils, the speeches of American presidents and transcripts from Chuck Yeager’s supersonic flights, Watch Me Fall questions our obsession with those who attempt the impossible, the futility of their attempts and their inevitable fall from grace .

When We Meet Again image

When We Meet Again (Introduced as Friends)

“When I first met you, you could see me but I couldn’t see you”, the invisible woman recounts.

When We Meet Again is a wearable film and one-to-one performance, a bizarre sensuous experience featuring you, your invisible friend, a 3D soundtrack, an old forgotten dance, the ocean, a flavour and me.

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