The DALI Band

The DALI are a four piece music band from Belarus.   The two leading members of the band, Victór Rudenka and Ivan Zaprutski, will be performing at Summerhall every evening from the 22nd -27th August.

DALI have a wide following in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine as well as increasingly in the west.   Victór Rudenka toured the UK in 2008 as well as appearing on MTV’s Unplugged.  The band’s musical style has been described as, “A hurricane of hard electronic riffs and touching lyrics filled with urban romanticism.”

DALI have been heavily involved in supporting social programmes including the Amnesty International movement for the abolition of capital punishment in Belarus, gave a concert supporting the United Nations campaign against domestic violence.

Note: Due to an unforeseen illness, the DALI Band will not be performing until the 24th August, and not on the 22nd or the 23rd, as previously advertised. Summerhall apologise  for any inconvenience caused.


24th August - 27th August




1hr 30Mins


Free (non-ticketed)


The Dissection Room


Further Information:

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