BAC: Little Bulb, Goose Party

Little Bulb Theatre presents

A Scratch Performance

GOOSE PARTY: Migrate, Celebrate, GOOSE PARTY!

The Identity Tour (a search for identity)

Having languished in obscurity for under a decade, Goose Party emerge as strong contenders for the most ambitious free band of the Fringe award. Treat your sweet senses and dancing legs to the party’s sonic antipasti of sassy pseudo-fiesta funk, water story power folk, electronica gender anthems, dirty agro railway blues, plus a bit of the strummy soft stuff for the lovers or the lonely, in a high octane evening of madcap musical wildness, wilderness and general gooseyness as we all endeavor to find out WHO. WE. ARE.

Scratch performances allow artists to test ideas and work in progress and to get audience feedback. For audiences it’s a chance to discover the future of theatre.


20-27 Aug




1h 30mins


Free (non-ticketed)


Dissection Room



Further Information:

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