Summerhall Festival 2016 – It’s Time for the Get In

Summerhall sign, one of many

Summerhall sign, one of many

It’s the first of August, and all through Summerhall, construction, as the sign says, is everywhere.

The old vet school is filled with the sound of furious hammering, eager sawing and the smell of fresh paint as we get ready for the official start of this year’s festival in just two days away,

On top of our existing spaces, such as the Red Lecture Theatre and the Main Hall, the Summerhall team have been hard at work adding something a little different. Just like last year, Paines Plough’s Roundabout have pitched their tent in the courtyard, and will be home to theatre productions, children’s shows and more.

The Courtyard will also be home to the Summerhall shop, a number of pop-up street food vendors, such as the new Cheesy Toast Shack, which will serve gourmet grilled cheese, and Róst who are set to return with their signature selection of local Scottish produce.

There’s also the Beer Moretti Bar, which will be open all day everyday, alongside the the Royal Dick Bar, which offers, amongst other things, Pickering’s Gin on tap and Barney’s Beer, both of which are brewed (in the case of Barney’s Beer) and distilled (Pickering’s Gin) on site.

While we finalise our preparations over the next few days, visitors are more than welcome to come to Summerhall and get an idea of what’s going on, buy tickets for shows, and even head to our café, which opens at 8am, for some pre-Fringe coffee and cake.